Attack on Titan: Impression

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Miura Haruma in Ceci Magazine '13

Miura Haruma on Ceci Magazine ’13

This is really something. Impressive trailer.

I heard about the anime about two years ago or last year, not sure but it’s pretty new and it’s going to have a live action adaptation already – that’s a feat.

According to Wiki, the manga only started Sept. 2009, that was just a little over 4 years so still pretty new, compared to other mangas’ that started in the 90s even 80s that’s only getting live action adaptations now. So the anime is really, really new just started April last year, two anime films are in the works and live action adaptation next year.

In any case, I’m excited to see Haruma portray the role of Eren. From this trailer, I think the character will give him a really good stretch acting wise.

Should I start watching this to have a background before I see Haruma in the role in cinemas or through downloads…

With the upcoming release of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (part 2) and The Legend Ends (part 3), I hope SM Cinemas would also consider Lupin starring Oguri Shun and of course Attack on Titan when they’re released to have exclusive screenings at SM Cinemas. Crossing my fingers.


Drama Discovery: Last Cinderella


Miura Haruma, Shinohara Ryoko, Fujito Naoki

My brother and I happen to see this drama a week ago on a Tuesday airing at around 9pm on Screen Red, same time slot as The Legal Wife. We were unable to start the series though as we just happen to see it.  I’ve seen some episodes but always incomplete as me and my brother are switching from this and to Legal Wife so we always miss something on each episode. In any case, from the episodes I’ve seen I’m already in love with this drama. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s super sweet, it’s about friendship, about re-discovering love, about women – single and looking for love, married or the inexperienced like Sakura and their perspective on various things, about youngsters and becoming adults, about family, about being a good person, about dreams and more.

I’m not familiar with the female lead Shinohara Ryoko and other male lead Fujiki Naoki except for Miura Haruma, although at first when I saw him I couldn’t point his name right away but I was sure I know him.  I probably didn’t recognize him because of the hair. I came to know Miura through a friend who idolizes him a whole lot when he recommended me Koizora, I think it was 2011. I have yet to properly watch the movie though, I really should.


I find it really amazing to see the beautiful chemistry between Haruma (Hiroto) and Ryoko (Sakura). Like totally, they really look good together, it’s just flat out amazing to see this kind of amazing chemistry, despite the age difference. Of course, the age difference is all part of the story but I’m just so giggly inside whenever these two are together onscreen. It’s like they’re sending me electric currents all through out my body from the telly to make me feel all giddy and giggly inside. I just love the feeling.

I wish it was longer though, it’s only 11 episodes. If only Japanese dramas can be as long as Korean dramas. I mean 5 more episodes is quite enough for me, just because I wanna see more Hiroto-kun and Sakura-san.

A scene from Ep. 2

I want Sakura to end up with Hiroto instead, the younger guy. She does share a chemistry as well with Rintaro, though I’m definitely all for Hiroto. I may be a little  biased because I like him and know him; but really because he’s making me giddy especially when he’s with Sakura.

And yes, I super love the soundtrack too. I totally love Rihwa’s Last Love, Kera Kera’s Star Loveration (ballad), I Can’t Rely On You, Glass Slippers, Alphabet Song, Cinderella Song, Dressless, Four Seasons, Days, Lonely; just to name a few but I just love everything in this soundtrack.