The Promise That Was Kept: Kakashi,Obito and Minato

Minato stopping Kakashi before he’s able to kill Obito

Awww. Minato and his students Kakashi and Obito. 😥 My impression upon seeing this photo from Naruto Shippuden Ep. 387 – The Promise That Was Kept.

Just watched the episode and wow, what a moment among the three of them. So many feels. Indeed my favorite scene of this episode and definitely one of my favorite episodes now.

It starts with Naruto offering his hand to Obito. At some point, Obito was about to shake hands with Naruto but suddenly changed his mind and strangled Naruto. Naruto punched him hard to free himself. And when Obito stood up, he saw his younger self in Naruto and recalls a day with Minato, Kakashi and Rin as if experiencing it again.

While still seeing his past, his younger self tells him that Rin won’t even turn to look at the present Obito and drags him. Snapping into the present, his younger self turns into Naruto. This is the perfect exploration of Obito being haunted by his past, despite his efforts to forget all those memories.

Obito talking to Kakashi, telling him that he has nothing left in his hole heart.

Sasuke was about to charge against Obito after all the tailed beasts were extracted from him, but stopped when Kakashi appeared. Kakashi says,”I was once his classmate and friend. So please let me take responsibility for him.” He was about to stab Obito when Minato stopped him.

That moment when he stopped Kakashi from stabbing Obito, proved how much he loves this two. He says, “Obito, when we had that chakra tug-of-war just now, I got to see inside your heart. It seems like my son nagged and lectured you quite a bit. I think he might have gotten that from his mother.” Naruto was slightly embarrassed when his dad Minato said he got his talk-no-jutsu from his mother Kushina. Well it’s true anyway. Then while talking to Obito he turns to Kakashi, “But that duty falls on you. I think the one who truly understands Obito and should talk to him is you, his friend, Kakashi.” He looks at Naruto and says, “Isn’t that right, Naruto?”

Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke

And Naruto realizes what he has been doing all this time for Sasuke. He looks at Sasuke with that serious realization, how he had never given up his hopes for Sasuke, how he never managed to hate and severe his ties, or simply abandon and forget about Sasuke – his only best friend, close to him like a brother. Just as Naruto and Sasuke are the same, Kakashi and Obito are the same as well. So it only makes sense that Kakashi, the one in a more logical state of mind should be the one talking Obito out.

On a side note, it warms my heart and makes me smile to see how Naruto and Sasuke are fighting together for the same goal, at how finally they’re on the same page and Sasuke finally accepts and understands what Naruto has been trying to tell him all this time. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

I feel like I’m drowning watching this moment, being drowned by feels. This episode is full of brotherly and mentor-student love.

Minato is just so forgiving, he couldn’t even bring himself to hate Obito for what he did that made Naruto an orphan and everything else. He could have let Kakashi kill Obito right there, but he knew it would also hurt Kakashi to do it, just as when he had to do it with Rin.  Instead of hating Obito for everything, but first and foremost for destroying what could have been his wonderful family; he is saddened by what his student had become. He feels disappointed at himself, for his shortcomings for not being able to guide him better. Had he been there for him, he would not have turned out this way. 

Naruto meets Kushina, his mom.

In the same sense that Naruto managed to put aside his personal emotions, as he was able to put out his hand to reach out to Obito. He’s a stronger young man now, he understands Obito, despite that one fact that Obito was the reason he lost his parents on the day he was born. 

Kushina telling Minato of the baby news. This is the sweetest ever. I just love how they’re both overjoyed.

It’s just natural for him to be angry or even hate Obito for it. It’s how humans fundamentally are. Obito not only destroyed Naruto’s chance of a family, to grow up with his parents; he also damaged Minato and Kushina’s chance to be there for Naruto. A perfect revenge it may seem. 

Naruto meets Minato for the first time and finds out The Fourth Hokage is his dad

I recall that episode when Naruto was so angry with Pain (Nagato) during his battle with him for killing Jiraiya. That anger was one of the strong catalyst that caused him to lose it and have Kurama gain control over his entire body. He was entirely losing himself to Kurama, he was at the brink of hopelessness until Minato appeared before him in his psyche. Eventually, he learned of Pain’s true nature and his reasons for being what he is.

He had learned a lot from that event to not let his hate/anger overcome him this time with Obito. I think it’s also one of the things he had gotten from his dad Minato, as Minato is naturally like that and after Minato shedding some light to Naruto about the cycle of love and hate that drives the whole shinobi system.

Team Minato – Minato, the Fourth Hokage and his students Kakashi, Obito and Rin


“I think you were younger than Naruto is now. Do you remember? All the missions that the four of us went on. As a medic nin, Rin did her utmost to protect you two. She would never have wished for a situation like this.” Kakashi drops his hand holding the kunai and Minato let go of his arm. “But what caused this is my responsibility.” Then we see the flashback of that fateful Kannabi Bridge battle.

“It’s no coincidence that I, who should be dead is standing before you two like this. Perhaps it was Rin who made it happen. Her way of scolding me for failing as your teacher. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect Rin.”

Team Minato on their mission at Kannabi Bridge

I seriously do not agree about the idea of Minato taking all the responsibility. Yes, he was responsible for them, they were his students but at the same time, there’s just simply no way he could have controlled or be responsible of everything. It wasn’t his fault Rin died. Kakashi understood that. If only Obito had a more open mind back then, if he tried to find the real answers from Minato and Kakashi; Minato and Kushina would still be alive.

“Rin was my only light and hope. After I lost Rin, the world as I saw it, changed. It became a pitch black hell. There was no hope in this world. Even with my Sharingan, I couldn’t see anything. There was nothing to see,” says Obito.

Kakashi killing Rin

Minato and Kushina’s sacrifice for Naruto and the village

Somehow, I kinda feel bad for Obito cause all this time he allowed himself to be engulfed by so much darkness and hate after losing Rin and be used for that. But Kakashi was no different either; he thought he lost Obito, he lost Rin and even had to do it himself and eventually he lost his sensei Minato. It was equally as hard or even more difficult for Kakashi to deal with all that.

Obito giving his Sharingan to Kakashi as his gift to him for being a jounin.

And as Kakashi tells Obito that he himself went through the same experience as him, it brings both of them back to that moment when Obito gave Kakashi one of his Sharingan. Kakashi tells him that he tried his best to see the world through Obito’s eye and that as long as he had Obito’s Sharingan and words, he could see it. To which Obito answers,”And what you saw is Naruto?”

Obito is still unconvinced at how Naruto’s path would be successful than his. But Kakashi instead believes more on Naruto’s strong perseverance on his dreams and reality. And his natural talent for drawing people closer to him, making them give their full support to reach his goal more than his chances of failing.

But I am glad Minato is there, if not, Kakashi would have really finished Obito for good and it would leave Kakashi deeply scarred again. Had Obito died here, he would die still deep in his darkness, full of hate and still not realizing his mistakes. Rin would not be happy to welcome him when they meet again.


Naruto 5: Blood Prison

I rate this higher than Lost Tower. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Namikaze Minato

Minato: Yondaime Hokage (The 4th) appearing in Naruto’s thoughts when asked by Mui why he’s loyal to his village.

Highly interesting storyline than Lost Tower. Imagine, they locked up Naruto in Hōzukijō, a criminal containment facility, also known as the “Blood Prison.” ( PS: Again, Blood Prison makes me think of Azkaban Prison).

His being locked away especially during his confinement at the punishment room for starting a brawl with Mui, the prison head is a big test of his abilities. He had no one else to help him and despite being under an imprisonment technique preventing him from moulding chakra, he could still create a bunshin and even Rasengan when Mui captured him to extract his immense chakra to open the box. Though he says, he isn’t smart but really Naruto being able to think of gathering natural energy from outside the prison so he could transform into Sage Mode.

However, there’s one thing that totally made me frown. While Naruto was lying bleeding after being struck with Satori’s claw [makes me think of Minato & Kushina when they were both struck by Kyuubi to save Naruto. Sob. ], Tsunade and everyone else were so busy preventing the inmates from escaping and admiring the floating fire lights. I mean like hello people, Naruto is bleeding there.  Now, I think Minato & Kushina could have been both saved if Minato didn’t place a barrier while sealing Kyuubi into Naruto. Makes me sad.

Naruto 4: The Lost Tower


I’ll cut to the chaste but there’s one thing I totally like here, Naruto meeting Minato when Minato isn’t a Hokage yet and Naruto isn’t even born. Uhm, well Minato might already have been married to Kushina by then but she isn’t pregnant with Naruto just yet. During the ending credits, Minato is shown having a game of cards with Jiraiya and a pregnant Kushina watching them play.

Minato was surprised when he saw Naruto doing Rasengan and before Naruto and Yamato went back, Minato and Naruto had a quick talk but they didn’t have much time. Before they disappeared to go back to the present, Minato whispered something like aishiteru to Naruto. [ Naiiyak ako!  ]

I find it amusing that, the dads and sons have the same syllable on the first or third syllable like Minato – Naruto, Choza – Choji, Shibi – Shino. Hahaha! Just that Naruto isn’t using Minato’s surname Namikaze, he would have been called Namikaze Naruto. Hmm… Still sounds good though cause I really like Minato’s name Namikaze Minato.

Naruto and his parents

 Kushina and Naruto

Minato and Naruto

And so I was listening to Joe Inoue’s Closer opening theme of Naruto Shippuden when I saw this from the related vids.

I was like oemgee,ang ganda pala ng mom ni Naruto. I already know his dad is the 4th Hokage but I didn’t know who his mother was. Both his parents were extra special like him starting from their hair color. I cracked up when his mom Kushina said, “When you put the Yellow Flash of the Leaf (Minato) and Red Hot Habanero (Kushina) together…” Naruto answered, “You get the Leaf’s Orange Hokage!” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ( Orange has been such a strong presence with me even before I got into Shinhwa. Okay I’ll stop connecting Naruto’s fave orange outfit and calling himself Orange Hokage to Shinhwa)

I can’t help but smile while he’s going “kilig” listening to his mom telling him about their love story. His parents are so cute when they were academy students.  He’s got beautiful and extremely multi-talented parents.

It’s such a teary moment for him finally meeting his parents, this one to his mom (Naruto vs Kyuubi) and another to his dad ( Naruto vs Pain). His mom is violent LOL kinda like Sakura.

I’ve always thought Naruto is much like Harry. Both orphans when they were babies and grew up suffering strong animosity from people. Even both of their parents dying for them in different ways but same purpose. Oh and close friends, Naruto has Sasuke and Sakura with some sort of love triangle in between. Harry has Hermione and Ron and a bit of love triangle at first too. I love the similarities though.